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Ho Ho Ho! Cross Stitch Santa Ornament

08 December, 2015

Over here at Commonthread we ve been thinking a lot about our favorite holiday traditions. One tradition that a lot of us love is decorating the tree. The whole family has the chance to come together, blast some Christmas music, and hang some ornaments. Don t you find that the ornaments that hold a special meaning always seem to find their way to the front of the tree? That s why this Santa ornament strikes a chord. In a way, ornaments are kind of like a photo album that you go through once a year. Making your own ornament means you ll be hanging a memory. So while it s seriously adorable, it s the fact that you ve taken the time to embroider it that you ve created that memory that ll make it extra special. (It also doesn t hurt that you ll be embroidering a portrait of the Big Kahuna of Christmas.) DMC#3-51


  • 7 x 5 Charles Craft Carolina Linen 28 Ct 15" x 18"
  • 7 x 5 back fabric
  • embroidery scissors
  • DMC Tapestry needle size 24
  • Fabric marker
  • DMC Embroidery floss 310
  • DMC Embroidery floss Blanc
  • DMC Embroidery floss 321
  • DMC Embroidery floss 3821
  • DMC Embroidery floss 353
  • DMC Embroidery floss 3774
  • polyester fibrefill stuffing
  • 12 ribbon
  • thread
  • pom poms


santa 11santa 61 Finished measurements: aprox 6 x 4




Embroider with cross stitch the design following the chart in the Charles Craft Carolina Linen with 2 strands of DMC Moulin embroidery thread.  


Cut the Charles Craft Carolina Linen fabric 1 away from the design.  


Cut the back fabric with the same measurements as the cross stitch fabric.


Fold ribbon hanger in half, place on the top and center of the embroidered piece. Place the back fabric and the embroidered piece right sides together, with the ribbon inside, and sew along the edges with a seam allowance, leaving a gap open to turn right side out. You can sew it with the sewing machine or hand sewing


Turn right sides out and press with an iron. Fill with the polyester fibrefill stuffing. Sew the gap   You can sew som pom poms in your ornament (optional). So whether you re a gifted stitcher or a total newbie, give it a try and hang it with pride every holiday season. DMC#3-511 Viva la Handmade Revolution! The Commonthread Team