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Baby It?s Cold Outside Embroidery Pattern

08 February, 2017

Baby It s Cold Outside Embroidery Pattern

  Embroidery artist Jen Valukas of the blog and shop, Sew Jenaissance has provided us with a pattern that takes the chill out of winter. Her Baby It s Cold Outside embroidery pattern helps you to dress up your walls for the season. After all, you change your wardrobe for the winter, why not some of your home d cor? This will add a fresh touch to a wall or throw pillow, giving your home charm and a little winter love.   While we love the adorable pattern, we also can t deny that we're fans of Jen s use of stitchable cork here. It transforms what s usually considered an ordinary material for embroidery projects the background into an important component of the design. Our other favorite detail on this is the DMC Light Effects floss. Again, we know we re hardly impartial, but this floss always adds subtle detailing that amps up the visual power of a project.   So what do you say? Shall we celebrate winter in style? Check out the pattern and get your supplies, because it may be the coldest season, but there s no reason it can t be beautiful!

Baby It's Cold Outside embroidery pattern by sew jenaissance Baby It's Cold Outside embroidery pattern by sew jenaissance

Materials Needed 7 embroidery hoop Stitchable cork Embroidery needle Tapestry needle (blunt tip) 3x3 square of felt for mittens Card stock or felt for backing Tracing paper for design transfer Tape Krazy Glue Embroidery scissors Fabric scissors DMC embroidery floss 798 DMC embroidery floss 828 DMC embroidery floss 221 DMC embroidery floss B5200 DMC Light Effects embroidery floss E5200 DMC Light Effects embroidery floss E3747   Optional Materials Beading needle Seed beads Decorative ribbon for hanger Decorative ribbon for hoop White craft tape   Check out the Baby It s Cold Outside embroidery pattern.      

      Love and Threads, The DMC Team