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Maker Monday: Saruca's by Sarah Benea

09 February, 2016

Sarah Benea expresses her artistic passion through the use of a number of different mediums. Whether it s through crochet, knitting, paints, or embroidery, her enthusiasm for expression benefits anyone that can appreciate beautifully quirky handmade goods and jewelry. Sarucas_4

How She Got Started

As a kid, she remembers her grandmother constantly pushing her to make things, specifically to make things with her hands. Her grandmother understood what she couldn't at the time, which was how growing technology could take away from such precious skills that are now seen as a past time. And that's what Saruca's is. Not only is Saruca the name her grandmother gave her, it is a step to bringing handmade crafts back to life with a modern twist. Sarucas_11

Why She Stitches

Sarah Benea has always had a passion for creating and admiring art. She's always challeging her skills and looking for new ways to feature her art. By combining different materials, she's able to show off new ideas and designs. Sarucas_Necklaces_800x800 We ve got eye-catching necklaces and a pillow collection exclusively created for Commonthread that are not to be missed. So, without further adieu, we bring you Sarucas by Sarah Benea.