DMC Stitchable Mesh


Our soft, stitchable metallic mesh is easy to stitch for a new look that shines. This unique new fabric is translucent for beautiful see-through effects, which is particularly effective for ornaments and jewelry. The reversible gold and silver surfaces offer two looks. The fine mesh is similar to an evenweave fabric and does not have a thread count. DMC Stitchable Mesh was designed for embroidery, but it’s equally suited to jewelry, wedding crafts, and general crafting. One 10” x 10” sheet is rolled in a clear plastic box along with a free pattern. 

Try our other unique new surface, DMC Stitchable Cork, available in natural or gold-flecked.

Care & Washing

To preserve luster, keep away from water and display or store in a dry environment. Clean with a soft dry brush. 

How to Use

To transfer your design, place the stitchable mesh on top of your design with your preferred side up. Use a fine tip marker to trace directly onto the mesh. Stitchable Mesh is soft and light enough to be worked in an embroidery hoop like conventional fabric.

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