Prism FriendshipWear Bobbin Box


The perfect way for your kids to keep all of their friendship bracelets, craft designs, and accessories organized. It's great for all kinds of art and craft projects, plus it's "kid safe" and meets all safety standards.

This kit includes a sturdy plastic case with a snap closure and 17 storage compartments, 25 plastic bobbins wrapped with 4 yards of Prism Floss, 25 empty plastic bobbins and 75 colored beads. Also includes detailed instructions on how to create your own bracelets and accessories using Prism floss.

The Prism FriendshipWear Bobbin Box is great for all kinds of arts and crafts projects and is perfect for creating and sharing FriendshipWear with friends. Ideal for birthday parties, sleep-overs, or classroom activities! Plus, it's “Kid-Safe” and meets all safety standards. Check out Prism Six-Strand Floss and Craft Thread packs for more colors, project ideas and fun!


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