16 New DMC Floss Colors!


We are delighted to announce the addition of 16 new colors to the six-strand embroidery floss range (Article 117). These are the first new colors to be added in nearly 15 years!

The new colors were developed based on input from designers to expand several existing color families, enabling stitchers to create more depth and subtle shading in their work. The collection of 16 is split into two distinct palettes: eight soft, natural shades and eight bright, vibrant hues. The bright purple has been getting especially enthusiastic reviews from designers. All 16 new colors are exclusively available in a convenient, clear plastic pack.

The pack also includes three free cross stitch designs using the new colors. Tropical Punch showcases the eight bright and vibrant colors; Woodland Walk features the eight soft, natural colors; and Bohemian Tapestry uses all 16 new colors in a fun, contemporary design. Cherish Nature, an additional cross stitch design for the new colors, is available here.

The pack is available in fine independent retail stores, chains, and online now on ShopDMC.com. Please click here to download a pdf of the color card.

“Our focus is always to give stitchers and designers the best and broadest color palette possible,” says Steve Mancuso, Vice President of Marketing, “freeing them to focus on their art and creativity.”

With the addition of the 16 newest colors, DMC’s embroidery floss range becomes the largest in the world, with 488 colors (470 solid and 18 variegated). DMC Embroidery Floss is made in France using premium quality 100% Egyptian cotton. It is colorfast and fade resistant, mercerized for strength and shine, and offers guaranteed color consistency from one skein to the next. DMC’s 268 years of experience producing needlework threads has made DMC Embroidery Floss the gold standard throughout the world.

DMC Embroidery Floss and Embroidery Floss Packs are available at local needlework retailers and national craft chains along with other fine needlework products including DMC Charles Craft fabrics and Ready-to-Stitch, DMC specialty threads, and DMC needles and accessories. Please see the this website for a list of stores, free projects, and the our online store, ShopDMC.com. DMC also offers a Mentor Program to encourage ongoing teaching of stitching, as well as the DMC Club, a community of stitchers who receive a newsletter, exclusive projects, and can participate in a global forum with stitchers around the world.